Saturday, November 12, 2016

Brandon's Art Birthday Party

Anyone who knows Brandon knows that he loves to paint, draw, color and write notes.  His love language is definitely writing notes to express his love for you!  Brandon turned seven this week and it wasn't a surprise when he asked for an art party for his birthday!

I loved planning this party!  I feel bad I didn't get very good pictures of everything.  I forgot to charge my camera and it died right after I took one picture.  My camera phone didn't do a very good job :(

I traced a picture onto each of the canvases to give the kids a starting place.  It was fun to see how each of their paintings turned out.  Everyone one of them was so different!

I love how Brandon's cake turned out.  It is so hot here in Arizona still and the fondant was melting as I was trying to decorate his cake.  I'm glad it doesn't look too melted!

Coloring books and crayons were the perfect party favor for an art party!

A neighbor of mine is an artist and she was gracious enough to come paint the kids faces at Brandon's party.  She did a great job!

Brandon said his favorite part of the party was painting.  I was worried how chaotic his party would be with so many kids (his primary class is HUGE) but they were all great and well behaved.  Poor Parker was sick and running a fever so he didn't get to come to the party.  He was quarentiend upstairs in his room during the party. 

Here are some of the paintings when they were finished.  They are so adorable!

We played Win, Lose or Draw and then we decorated cookies.  

I purchased a package of edible markers and made sugar cookies for the kids to draw on.  I think this was most of the kids favorite thing to do at the party.  I was surprised at how much they liked it.  

Haha, Jason is such a goofball.  Can you guess which cookies are his?

We ended the party by drawing our own puzzles and eating cake!

Parker helped me bake the cake.  He picked the colors for Brandon's cake.  He wanted a layer for each of our favorite colors.

I made Brandon a cute shirt for the party and warned all the other parents to dress their kids in something that could get splattered on!  Luckily I don't think anyone got too messy.

Well, except for Daisy.  The kids all loved on her and their face paint rubbed up against her face.  She ended up with a painted face, too!

Happy Birthday Brando!  I hope you had a wonderful birthday.  We love you so much!