Saturday, January 14, 2017

Our New Snake

Parker has been asking for a snake for a few years now.  I have refused to let him get a snake but he has been so responsible with Daisy that we thought it might be time to finally let him get his wish.

Meet JJ, the newest member of our crazy family!  He is a fancy Ball Python.

Daisy doesn't quite know what to think about the snake.  Neither do I...maybe Daisy and I will just hide out together ;)

Christmas In Utah

All I wanted for Christmas was a white, snowy Christmas!  Ok, I wanted a white Christmas and lots of chocolate donuts.  Utah has the best donuts!  Its a good thing we don't have chocolate chocolate donuts in Arizona!

I got my wish and we had lots of snow and cold weather while we were in Utah.  The kids had the two weeks after Christmas off of school so we went to Utah for a long, fun holiday!

Daisy loved playing in the snow and was sad anytime she got left inside.

On Christmas Eve we left reindeer food out for Santa's reindeer.

We were all excited for Santa to come.

Visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads...

We woke up Christmas morning to fresh snow!

Santa remembered our little doggy, too!

We had to wait to unwrap presents because Parker couldn't wait to play in all the snow!

It was nice having Christmas on a Sunday.  Sacrament meeting was a perfect reminder of the reason for Christmas day.

Parker is pretty excited to pick out a snake.  Can you believe I actually agreed to getting Parker a snake?!  

North Pole Christmas Trip

Our Elf Frisbee left the boys a special package the last day of school before Christmas break and said they couldn't open until after school.

When the kids opened the box they found out that Frisbee had arranged for us to visit him and Santa and Mrs. Clause at one of Santa's special secret workshops.  Frisbee also left us all matching Star Wars pajamas and let the kids kiss him goodbye until next year.

On our way to Santa's workshop we spent the night in Flagstaff and watched the BYU bowl game at Buffalo Wild Wings.

We all had a fun time at the hotel.  Even daisy enjoyed her new PJs and a trip away!

We had a magical trip to the North Pole.  This will be one of my favorite Christmas memories for sure.  When we arrived, we were met by some of Santa's toy soldiers.  We were then led into Santa's toy invention hall of fame.

And then into Santa's original workshop where one of Santa's Elves told us how Christmas magic works.

Then we were led into the toy room where we helped the Elves make teddy bears and "test" some of the toys!

Frisbee said to keep an eye out for him at the North Pole.  We were lucky and found where he was hiding in each room.

I loved Santa's toy wrapping room!  Look at that amazing tree!

The kids helped put toys onto the conveyer belt and watched them come out all wrapped!

We worked up an appetite and then went into Mrs. Clause's gingerbread kitchen to eat cookies and drink snowman soup!

And then onto Elf University where we learned all about what it takes to become an elf!

Then we took a sneak peek into Santa's mail room.  We wrote letters to Santa and we got to hand deliver them straight to Santa!!

Brandon liked Santa's sleigh room.  We didn't get to see Rudolph (darn it) but we did get to see how Santa delivers all the presents around the world.  

Brandon even got to help some of the Elves at the navigation station.

At the end we delivered our letters to Santa and Santa gave the boys teddy bears and a reminder to be good so he could come and visit them on Christmas day!

When we walked out of the workshop it was SNOWING!  Real snowflakes in Arizona.  It was a Christmas miracle and Brandon's face shows it all--it was pretty magical!

We left the North Pole workshop and headed over the river and through the woods (literally) to grandma's house we went!  What an amazing Christmas experience!

We made a pit stop at Horseshoe Bend.  Haha, we didn't realize how long the hike was.  We thought the overlook was right at the top of the ridge...not two miles away!  We were crazy people in shorts and no jackets amidst tons of Asian tourists bundled up and tight as they could get!

The view was definitely worth the hike in the cold.  The red rocks with the white snow was absolutely breathtaking!