Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's Great To Be Eight

My good friend Aimee took pictures of Parker at the Houston temple last week.  Poor Parker…on the way to the temple he said his stomach hurt and by the time we got there he was in tears because he didn't feel well.  He tried to be a trooper and smile but the poor kid did not feel great.  As soon as we walked in the door at home he threw up and was sick all weekend.  At least there are a few smiles in there pictures.

Haha, his toothless smile makes me laugh!

I am so proud of him for choosing to get baptized.  It is truly great to be eight!

Snake Birthday Party

Parker is very interested in snakes lately.  He keeps begging for a pet snake but I refuse!  Yuck!  Parker is turning eight next week so I knew that the second best thing to a pet snake would be holding and learning about real snakes.  Jason and I decided to throw Parker a SURPRISE birthday party.  It was fun to see his reaction to his friends and the house decorated just for him!  

Jason is turning into the cake boss at our house.  He has decorated the last few birthday cakes and does such a great job.  Neither of us could have imagined how long this cake would take to decorate though!  Jason was up until 4 am decorating it!  It turned out amazing!!

Oriental Trading makes every party a little big more magical!

I had leftover packing paper from a package so I rolled it up and spray painted it and turned it into snakes. 

All the kids hid under the kitchen table and waited to surprise Parker.

A neighbor of ours is a snake relocated and came over and taught the kids all about native Texas snakes.  She was fabulous and great with the kids.

She even brought a few of her pet snakes for the kids to hold.

Parker was more excited than the pictures show.

He definitely got a little nervous when the snake decided to climb up high and around his neck.

I was brave for Parker and even held one of the snakes :)

Lunch Time

Getting the sillies out

Happy Birthday Porky!  Hope you know how much we love you!